Financial Questions

Some of the most important questions to ask as you discuss end-of-life care are those dealing with financial issues. These answers are important to know as you try to maintain your current lifestyle, pay for medical expenses, live on a fixed income, and other financial issues.
If you need assistance is assessing your finances, Transition Tamers can refer you to a reputable advisor or service provider. Contact Us today to see how we can help!

Think about these 10 questions from AARP:

  1. What are your current and likely future bills?
  2. Can you pay for what you need?
  3. Do you need help getting government or pension benefits?
  4. Do you need help with financial planning to make your money last?
  5. Are your Social Security and pension checks deposited directly in the bank?
  6. Is all of your financial information in one place?
  7. Have you considered a reverse mortgage, which would provide extra income from the equity in your home?
  8. Have you considered that you might need money down the road to help pay for assistance with everyday activities?
  9. Do you have any bills you can’t pay?
  10. Do you have an estate plan and a will, as well as a living will and health care proxy?

You can also check out this brochure from FDIC’s Consumer News: FDIC Financial Tips for Seniors.