Lake Norman has much to offer Senior Thespians


The Lake Norman area of North Carolina is an exciting, vibrant place to live not only for young people, but for older adults as well.  There are so many places to experience and things to do here, that we will take the next several months to familiarize you with the many ways you may stay active by taking advantage of all Lake Norman has to offer.

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In this article, we will let you in on a little known secret about the Lake Norman Area.  That secret is its marvelous Community Theatre offerings.  Anchored by the Davidson College Theatre Arts Department, the area offers a variety of venues and companies for both audiences and performers.  The following list includes several that, in addition to sponsoring performances for the viewing public, may offer opportunities for aspiring , senior adult actors to audition and perform and to take part in a variety of workshops.  These communities welcome both novice and seasoned thespians —


It is well-documented that one way to stave off the aging process is to remain mentally active through a variety of activities.  Participating in theatre, whether as an actor or in a support role such as stagehand or set builder, may be as effective as playing brain games or working on the daily crossword puzzle.  You probably will realize benefit from the increased social interaction as well.  In addition, you will be able to help to keep the art of live theatre alive for future generations.

So, if you have always thought you might want to try your hand at acting or are interested in preserving the art of theatre, give one of these organizations a call to see how you might plug in.  We would love to hear about your experience too!





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