While personally caring for loved ones is the answer for many families, it can be challenging and emotionally draining.  Whether you are a caregiver for an elderly parent, a parent with special medical needs or a disabled family member, find links below that may be helpful to you.
Help Guide – Caregiving: Providing tips for: making family caregiving easier, recharging and finding balance, finding and choosing respite services and more.
A Place for Mom – Senior living news, trends, and tips blog.
SandwichINK – Encouragement for the “Sandwich Generation” dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents while babysitting grandchildren. – mmLearn.orgs mission is to improve the quality of care and the quality of life of older adults by providing family caregivers, pastoral care providers and healthcare professionals, training and education based on evidence and best practices, using progressive technology and other advanced delivery methods. – Caring for you as you care for family & friends. We’re a community of family caregivers sharing stories, support and solutions. 
Family Caregiving in North Carolina – A guide designed by a NC network of caregiving resources to help you access caregiving resources.
NC Family Caregiving Support Program – In an effort to help family and informal caregivers care for their loved ones at home for as long as possible, The National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP), provides grants to States and Territories to fund a range of supports that assist these caregivers.
SupportWorks – Caregivers for Adults: Helping people find, form, and run nonprofit, non-political support groups. Our nonprofit, all-volunteer organization focuses on keeping up with activities in and around Charlotte, NC.
8 Great Caregiving Blogs – Right at Home’s eight favorite blogs for caregivers to help you find the best online resources.