Use the Good Stuff! (It’s okay.)

Recently I wrote about the fact that our kids don’t seem to be interested in all the “stuff” that has been collected and handed down over generations.  This topic has sparked a lot of conversation that has left me wondering why we often save things for special occasions, thereby denying ourselves the pleasure of enjoying them every day.

This world is full of beauty and wonder, a lot of which is on display most days—even Mondays and Thursdays, as well as special holidays!  We seem inclined to use the “good” dishes at Christmas, Easter & on birthdays, but not usually for “mundane” occasions like Wednesday breakfast or Friday lunch. We wear our Sunday best on Sunday. Have you ever felt like wearing that special outfit or jewelry to go to the mall or the library on Tuesday, but didn’t because it may seem a little out of the ordinary? Do you have candles that have never been lit because you are saving them for something?


I’m trying to figure out what it is that stops us from practicing the joy of fully appreciating things that were clearly created with joy in mind.  Maybe we need to go all the way back to our Puritanical heritage for some understanding of the seemingly human paradox of appreciating fine things, while at the same time exhibiting a sort of embarrassment at enjoying them. Or maybe frugal tendencies (which really are in contrast to our excess accumulation of stuff) tell us that the chance we could break one of these special things should be avoided at all costs. Recently, while visiting a friend, one of her beautiful wine glasses fell to the floor and broke. Interestingly, she disposed of the broken glass, pulled out another and we continued our pleasant conversation.  Amazingly enough, a broken glass did not ruin the day.

No matter, we are still stuck with this stuff (since our kids still want no part of it)!  My challenge to you, and to myself, is to throw caution to the wind and ENJOY these things you have been blessed with. It’s your stuff; you should make the rules as to its use. Maybe you will even want to designate a day each week as Good Stuff Day where you will be free to enjoy all those beautiful things, guilt free!

My motto henceforth is: Leave no crystal goblet empty, no jewel unworn, and no candle unlit; even if only enjoyed by a party of one!    

– Cindy Leap

Transition Tamers, Charlotte, NC

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