What in the World is Rightsizing?

rightsizeWhat comes to mind when you hear the term “rightsizing”?  Well, it may not necessarily mean what you initially think. While rightsizing can involve “downsizing”, the two actions may not be the same at all.

I have had conversations with several folks around my age (50-60ish) recently who speak of empty nests, too many possessions, lack of time and desire to care for a yard, etc.. Many of us have been in our current residence since our children were small, in houses that were built for young families – houses that no longer fit our lifestyle. Some of us may choose to find smaller accommodations, but some of us may actually choose similar size or larger homes that will work with the stage of life we currently find ourselves in.

Some reasons baby boomers may elect for larger digs are the need for a home office or offices since so many folks are now working from home. They may want to be more prepared to age in place with bigger bathrooms or wider hallways and doorways. Perhaps they wish for their children to reside in the same residence, either for economic or child care reasons. Maybe they find it easier to care for their own parents when residing under the same roof.

There are many reasons why people are choosing to “rightsize”.  The goal is to determine what type of “size” works best for you. We can help you do that! Give us a call.

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