Go Slow and Be Mindful

Thanks to this month’s guest writer Sandy Warren, Yoga Instructor and Body Centric Life Coach!

How nice it is to think about slowing down in our fast-paced world.

Mindful, or meditative movement is a form of exercise incorporating slow, repetitive movements, as well as a focus on the body and breath, with the

Present-centered awareness is what makes movement mindful. While it’s normal for the mind to wander away from the present, mindful movement is a method of training your mind to come back to the present while enjoying the benefits of exercise. The practice of mindful movement attunes you to the state of your mind and body in everyday situations. Don’t get frustrated–the mind is a busy place and it takes multiple times & effort to slow it down. Learning to listen to our body takes patience.intention of deep relaxation.


For example, this practice can train you to easily sense the tension in your shoulders as you wait in a long line to purchase groceries, or at a doctor’s office waiting your turn. That can be an opportunity to move and breathe slowly, relax and pay attention to the present moment without getting caught up in your stories and judgments about the present moment.

The health benefits of mindful movement include increased cardiopulmonary fitness, reduction of anxiety and depression, lowered blood pressure, improved bone health and balance, decreased cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and enhanced immune system functioning.

Being soft is not about being weak or passive. It is a conscious effort to not be resistant to thoughts, words and actions not only of others, but of our own judgments. If you harden in the face of stress, you will create additional stress, which can actually weaken your resilience to handle the common stressors of everyday life. The ability to relax your body, and be present, aids in your flexibility & helps you adapt to challenging situations. Instead of becoming irritable and impatient, it can remind us to find tolerance and less resistance.

Thanks to this month’s guest writer Sandy Warren, Yoga Instructor and Body Centric Life Coach. Contact Sandy for more about mindfulness and self-care techniques: 704-713-0911 or Sandy@SandraPWarren.com. Find more about Sandy’s work at www.WellnesswithAttitude.com.

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