Change Is Inevitable: Transition Tamers’ Response to COVID-19

Renowned author & philosopher, Karen Salmansohn, says that “Ironically, change is one of the only constants! Change is always happening, not only for you, but for every person, every animal, every plant. Unfortunately dealing with change can be difficult and stressful.”

Wow! All of a sudden we find ourselves in a period of time involving the most profound changes in a lifetime for most of the world’s citizens. How we go about our daily living, how we view the world, how we plan for the future—all profoundly and forever changed. Our ability to adapt and change ourselves will determine how we will fare as we cope with this life-altering disruption we know as COVID-19.

In that vein, we at Transition Tamers are planning our own adaptations as we envision the future of Senior Move Management. We love helping families with their life transitions and believe our services are needed now, more than ever. Along with our team, we have been strategizing and formulating plans for how to move forward, taking into account both the safety of our clients and the safety of the team. We have determined that we will adhere as closely to CDC guidelines as possible. Some of our policies for working with clients in their living spaces will include the following going forward:

  • Clients must not be exhibiting ANY symptoms of COVID-19 or be In current quarantine from exposure to COVID-19.
  • Transition Tamers Team Members will be screened daily for temperature & risk factors such as known exposure to COVID-19, travel, etc. 
  • Transition Tamers will be providing hand washing stations on each job. Team members will be required to wash hands for 20 seconds upon arrival & at regular intervals throughout the project.
  • Team members will be required to wear a face mask & disposable gloves.
  • Social distancing will be practiced with clients and other team members.
  • We will request that client’s living spaces be sanitized prior to our arrival & we will clean all high touch surfaces before beginning work & at the end of each work day.

Yes, change is constant. We at Transition Tamers will continue to adapt & change to meet the needs of our clients. Keeping our eyes on the future, we will continue to evaluate and adapt our business model…one step at a time!

staircase photo with quote "Don't let the entire staircase overwhelm you. Just focus on the next step!"

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