National Preparedness Month

Along with most of the rest of the nation, we nervously followed the progression of Hurricane Dorian recently as it made its ferocious way through the Bahamas and up the East Coast of the U.S. Wow, did we dodge a big bullet here on the mainland! It could have been so much worse.

We are wondering…do you have an emergency plan? Are you prepared in the event of catastrophic occurrences? Most of us probably are NOT!

Hurricane season continues until December 1 and the threat of tornados is always in season, so it is never a good time to let our guard down. We should always have a plan and everyone in the household should know the plan and know where the emergency supplies/documents are stored and how to access them. Need help preparing your family? See the following links for guidance on preparing in case of disaster.

Be Safe! Be Prepared!
Cindy & Kandy

Maybe you wish to help with hurricane relief: The American Red Cross is actively assisting those affected by Dorian. Contributions may be made here.

Every family should be prepared for catastrophes that could happen at any time. It’s important to talk with your family about your plan, have supplies ready to go, and asses any special needs your family has. Check out to find ways to have your family “Prepared, Not Scared.”

With the recent rise in natural disasters, it should be a reminder to us all that disaster can strike at any moment in any part of the country. While circumstances are unique to each disaster, one tip to every person: pack a “go bag.” A go bag is a packed bag or case to grab as you leave your home in case of emergency. It should hold essentials that will help keep you safe and comfortable for a few days.

This article compiles advice from hundreds of disaster victims and experts to help you prepare your family.

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